Minnesota Newfoundland Rescue

August 2021

Current Dogs

Accepting Applications: Maggie, Wanda, Phoenix, Brody, and Sansa

On Hold: Emrick, Alys, Gwen, and Arya

Adoption Pending: Charlie and Bucky

February 2021

Medical Maladies

We've welcomed Llyr, Alys, Emrick, and Gwen into rescue!

We also placed Morgana and Sarah!

Alys, Emrick, Gwen, and Llyr all have some ongoing medical issues. We expect Llyr to be available for adoption by the end of March. No estimates on Alys, Emrick, and Gwen. All three dogs came from outdoor situations and suffer from a variety of health and behavioral issues that our volunteers are working to get a hand on.

November 2020

Welcome Morgana

In November we welcomed Morgana who will require entropian surgery before she is able to go to her new home!

We also placed Dakota, Milly, and Molly in the last few months!

Summer 2020


Hey Everyone! Thanks for checking in with us here at Minnesota Newfoundland Rescue!

Our available dogs are Dakota, Sarah, Molly, Milly, Phoenix, and Wanda.

We also have Brody who is on-hold for medical.

We have updated our donation list!

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